A Lucent Look at Self-Awareness (Series)

Updated: Aug 27, 2020


Why do some Medical Students cluelessly struggle to remain committed to pursuing a studying goal, personal or social desire?

"They subconsciously harbor limiting beliefs which create a lack in one of 3 areas of Self-Confidence"

3 Areas of Confidence:

  • Confidence in your identity of who you are.

  • Confidence in your ability to learn and solve problems.

  • Confidence in your ability to perform various tasks successfully.

A Lucent Look at Self-Confidence

It is consists of 3 interrelating aspects:

  • Self-Concept

  • Self-Worth

  • Self-Esteem

Self-Concept: This comes first, it simply represents how we see ourselves, how we define ourselves. It’s who we believe ourselves to be. It is based on how we evaluate ourselves according to the various relationships in our lives (academically, socially, personally, intimately, etc). Our Social-Self is the us we want other people to think we are. The problem is, 9/10 people end up presenting themselves in false ways because they pay too much attention to how they think others want them to act, rather than how they would actually want to act (based on their core beliefs & values). When people are putting on a show, they are simply operating from a place of insecurity. They haven’t yet made peace with or accepted who they are. If our Self-Concept i.e. who we want to become isn’t actually aligning with who we actually are at the core, then we are operating in a completely incongruent way.

Relatable Questions indicating lack of Self-Confidence in this area: What’s wrong with me? Am I good enough? Why am I not good enough?

How to build Self-Confidence in this area: Make peace with the true version of yourself (based on your core beliefs & values) and focus on presenting that in public places, regardless of what people think.

When the person we present outwardly (who we want to be) is aligned with who we are at the core (our intrinsic values), we begin to operate in a congruent way.

Self-Worth: This is the same as intrinsic value. When a person is completely self-consumed, self-centered, isn’t really bothered by anyone else, then this will negatively impact their self worth. “Don’t expect to get treated like number 1 while playing the role of number 2 (or less)”. Most times we try to make out that we are playing a better game than that which we are actually playing, based on our true abilities. We can fool some people some of the time but we can’t fool all people all of the time. In the end even the ones that appear to be fooled will have their eyes opened.

Relatable questions for lack of confidence in this area: Do we consider ourselves to be valuable individuals? Are we useful to the society? Are we serving any purpose? Are we making an impact? Ever expect to be seen as the number 1 and end up being seen as the number 2 (or less)?

How to build confidence in this area: Realize that we all consciously/subconsciously look to find value in each other. Adopt a mindset of always learning, be honest about your abilities and keep improving. Spend quality time studying, practicing skills, hobbies, habits that align with who you truly want to be in the future and your intrinsic values. This way, you keep building your intrinsic value, ready to share whenever you are needed.

When we understand our Self-worth, it sets us free to share this intrinsic value with the rest of the world.

Our Self-Worth grows over time, and we grow in this awareness as we keep putting what we learn into practice. As we do this, the more people will find value in us, and they will tell us more often, boosting our Self-Confidence even further.

Self-Esteem: This is influenced by both Self-Concept and Self-Worth.

How we see ourselves (self-concept) improves as more people find value in us (self-worth), increasing our Self-Esteem (confidence). In Summary, we will not be able to know for sure if we are valuable human beings, unless we are actually being true to ourselves, being authentic, being genuine while sharing our intrinsic value with other people. When you operate in your own Truth, people will find out your True value and constantly appreciate your Self-Worth which will continually grow your confidence. By- Dr. Fean Feel Enlightened? Click on the link (my name) above, follow me on Instagram!

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